Data Warehouse Offload and Optimization with Hadoop

Rebalance data and ETL workloads to optimize cost and performance

Data warehouses have been the foundation for business analytics for many years, and have grown to support increasing data volumes as well as analytics and ETL workloads. Yet over time, some data becomes older and is used infrequently or not at all. And ETL workloads implemented as transformations inside the data warehouse can grow to occupy significant CPU cycles, impacting resources that support critical analytics processes.

Hadoop provides a modern complement to the enterprise data warehouse with significantly lower cost for storing and processing large volumes of data. With Hadoop, enterprises have the opportunity to offload less valuable data from their data warehouse as well as some workloads like ETL, freeing up valuable resources in the data warehouse while reducing total cost of ownership.

To capitalize on this opportunity, enterprises need to accurately identify the right data and workloads that can be offloaded, and understand the potential impact of moving them on their existing users, reports, and IT resources. This can be challenging given the complex and multi-layered enterprise data warehouse environment.

Attunity Visibility can help with a unique data usage and analytics platform that supports all leading data warehouse platforms, including Teradata, Exadata and IBM Pure Data for Analytics (Netezza). In addition, Attunity provides software to execute the actual data transfer and redirect data ingest directly to Hadoop.

Attunity Visibility empowers you to use Hadoop to augment and optimize your data warehouse. It provides comprehensive data usage and workload analytics for all the leading data warehouse platforms, with information and insight based on in-depth and multi-dimensional analysis of the data warehouse environment, which can be easily used in dashboards and reports to enable informed, fact-based planning for offload and migration to Hadoop.  With Attunity Visibility, enterprises can:

  • Offload data intelligently, by identifying unused and infrequently used DW data to offload to Hadoop, freeing up valuable DW capacity and resources. See video
  • Offload ETL workloads, by discovering ETL-intensive workloads that also can be moved to Hadoop, including in-depth analysis down of their SQL statements. See video
  • Free EDW Resources, by offloading data and workloads, making more resources available to support valuable business analytic needs

Attunity Replicate is a data ingest and replication software that facilitates the process of moving data efficiently between data sources. With Attunity Replicate, enterprises can:

  • Accelerate data offload, by replicating data from their data warehouse to Hadoop.
  • Ingest data to Hadoop from many data sources, enabling to feed data to Hadoop to support offloaded ETL processes
  • Load Hadoop data to the EDW, by replicating results from ETL processes done in Hadoop and loading them efficiently to any EDW 

Customer Success

  • Global online travel services company cut $6M data warehouses costs offloading data and workloads to Hadoop
  • Fortune 50 bank avoided $15M in data warehouse upgrade costs over three years by offloading unused data to Hadoop and adopting a continuous tiering program

With Attunity Visibility, IT teams can address exploding data growth with confidence, allocating resources more intelligently, reducing risk and accelerating projects. They can proactively manage BI and data warehouse performance, and realize economies of scale through the use of Hadoop.

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