Agile Data Warehouse Automation

Dramatically reduce the time, cost, and risks of data warehousing projects

The Data Warehouse is the foundation of business analytics, enabling enterprises to improve operations, customer service and compete more effectively. To accommodate today’s business needs, the data warehousing process needs to satisfy fast-changing business requirements, support new data sources, and deliver solutions in quick iterations, ideally with less IT resources. These requirements are challenging DW and BI teams due to limitations of traditional ETL tools. Attunity can help with its innovative data warehouse automation software that streamlines the process of implementing, managing and updating data warehouses and data marts.

Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) is a modern approach to data warehousing. An evolution from traditional ETL, it provides automation and optimizations from designing the warehouse, to generating ETL code, to quickly applying updates, all leveraging best practices and proven design patterns.

Attunity Compose is an innovative DWA platform that dramatically reduces the time, costs and risks of data warehousing projects. It is also integrated with Attunity Replicate to enable real-time data warehousing with continuous and incremental data acquisition from a large variety of enterprise data sources. Check out the Attunity Compose data sheet.

Attunity Compose, LOB and IT teams gain:

  • Speed. Build data warehouses and data marts in days or weeks, dramatically faster than traditional ETL tools
  • Agility. Iterate and update data warehouse solutions frequently to align IT and LOB needs, delivering better quality and accommodating fast changing business requirements
  • Design automation. Quickly define and deploy data warehouse structures based proven design patterns such as Vault, Inmon and Kimball 
  • ETL Automation. Automatically generate 80% or more of the “Extract, Transform and Load” commands, dramatically reducing implementation time and resources  
  • Enterprise quality. Leverage integrated data profiling, quality and lineage capabilities, and automatically generate project documentation
  • Optimized Cloud Support. Attunity Compose automates and streamlines the design, creation, loading, management, and updates of data warehouses on premises or in the cloud

This solution supports many data warehouses, including Teradata, Exadata, Oracle, SQL Server, and Amazon Redshift. Learn more

Customers Success

A Fortune 500 global insurance firm uses Attunity Compose data warehouse automation to:

  • Cut 45 days of ETL coding to two
  • Reduce implementation costs 80%
  • Accelerate DW updates to once monthly from twice annually


Workflow Management and Monitoring

Data Warehouse and CDC Diagram