Attunity Visibility

Analytics for Data Warehouse and Hadoop Management

Assess and manage your data usage, and its impact on your infrastructure, in the context of the business.  Improve data warehouse performance, prioritize investments and gain real-time business insights at lower cost.

Data growth is exploding. As a result, organizations are looking for ways to better manage this valuable asset by scaling and optimizing existing data warehousing environments with Hadoop. The challenge in accomplishing this lies in a company’s inability to measure data utilization and determine the best placement based on usage. Attunity Visibility is the only solution that provides detailed insight into how data is used and who is accessing it - providing insight into business activity, data usage and resource consumption.

Using Visibility you can:

  • Rebalance data and workloads to the right platform, improving performance and reducing cost, by identifying unused data and resource intensive work loads
  • Optimize multiple data delivery platforms with an integrated dashboard to diagnose and assess performance bottlenecks
  • Manage data growth in your data warehouse and retire unused data, while managing data retention to ensure regulatory compliance


  • Business Challenges & Impact

    Enterprise data warehouse capacity is quickly being consumed by exploding data volumes, leading to performance degradation and costly upgrades. Surveys of data warehousing environments show that organizations often use 30 to 50 percent CPU processing capacity on both extract, load, and transform (ELT) as well as extract, transform, and load (ETL) workloads, with 30 to 70 percent of stored data infrequently used. Constrained data warehousing resources can force organizations into costly upgrades.

    • Rapidly growing data volumes can exceed data warehouse capacity
    • Loading of unnecessary data consumes valuable processing capacity, which drives up operational and capital expenses
    • Lack of insight into identifying the appropriate workload and data to be offloaded or rebalanced


  • Solution Approach

    Solution Apprach 2

    Visibility Allows Enterprises to:

    • Monitor all activity on data warehouses to assess resource consuming ETL and analytical workloads
    • Identify resource consuming transformations and queries that are candidates for offloading
    • Find history of data used from large tables by analyzing calendar dates used in queries
    • Identify repetitive and intensive workloads
    • Discover unused and infrequently used data
    • Diagnose performance bottlenecks based on data usage
    • Assess usage of applications and data sets to prioritize remediation activities
    • Fine tune and optimize data across platforms

    Key Benefits

    • Increase the value of technology & business investments and save on processing and storage costs by identifying data to offload.
    • Identify historical data that is typically archived and inaccessible
    • Efficiently manage massive data assets to increase productivity and address dynamic business changes with analytics, while still meeting cost requirements