Attunity Replicate

Universal Platform for Data Replication and Data Ingestion

Query Offloading for Analytics / Reporting

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, business users rely on business intelligence (BI) and analytics more and more often to make decisions. However, to access the freshest data and to obtain the best insights, they often query production databases. This load on the system negatively impacts performance and creates usability issues, as people wait for long periods of time for system responses. The lines of business become frustrated because they can’t make critical decisions rapidly enough and the IT team is overburdened by performance bottlenecks that are hard to resolve.


Change Data Capture (CDC)

Change data capture or CDC technology updates your targets with just the information that has actually changed in the source.  Because these changes often represent only a fraction of the total data volume, CDC products like Attunity Replicate greatly improve efficiency.

CDC tools are not created equally. Some use agents on the database servers, while others use stored procedures. Both approaches negatively affect database performance. Attunity Replicate takes a different approach – it drives the data change function off the database log, which means it doesn't interfere with the database server or add to its load. In addition, Attunity Replicate CDC is designed to significantly enhance data delivery performance and helps improve strategic initiatives including Big Data analytics and business intelligence (BI).

Attunity Replicate is simple for IT teams to install and learn, and quick to configure and test. That means lower total cost of ownership for the organization, more time for the IT team, and more satisfied business users.


Replication and Operational Reporting

Organizations recognize the power that can be derived from analyzing and acting on data within their systems. Business users want operational and real-time reporting, as well as sophisticated business intelligence (BI) and analytics. By using analytics to develop a more complete view of buyer behavior, companies can predict purchases and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities. In sectors like financial services, real-time analytics and data mining are used to prevent and detect fraud. Robust reporting is also needed for compliance with regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and others.

Creating a separate reporting database to support BI & analytics is a viable option, but only if users can access up-to-date data within it. Unfortunately, this approach breaks down when traditional ETL tools are used to feed information to the reporting database.

Attunity software facilitates the creation of operational reporting databases, offloading operational data from production systems into dedicated data stores to support real-time reporting applications.

Leveraging Attunity Replicate log-based change data capture (CDC) technology, the solution identifies and captures only the changes made to source systems, minimizing impact on production systems and maximizing efficiency.

Furthermore, the Attunity solution works seamlessly with ETL tools, allowing companies to leverage existing investments and extend them to support real time replication across heterogeneous systems.


Key Benefits

  • Provides real-time information to support operational business intelligence
  • Eliminates the need for periodic batch jobs, freeing up valuable batch windows
  • Introduces minimal impact on source systems
  • Supports for many data sources and platforms
  • Leverages existing ETL investments
  • Works with all the leading ETL products
  • Lowers the risk of bulk process failures
  • Enables easy and cost-effective implementation

For BI/Analytics

Change data capture (CDC) is the preferred approach to query offloading.  Solutions like Attunity Replicate allow organizations to replicate the changes made to production database tables with low latency to a secondary reporting database. The impact on source databases is nearly non-existent, the effort required from IT is minimal, and business users enjoy access to the freshest possible information for BI and analytics and better decision- making overall.

If additional transformations are required Attunity Replicate for ETL supports:

  • Initial load into target tables
  • Loading changes tables to be staged for additional processing rather than applied
  • CDC into associated change tables, which contain both change data and change metadata

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