Gold Client

Innovations for SAP Database Management

Attunity Gold Client replication software for SAP reduces enterprise storage requirements, improves the quality and availability of test data, restores development integrity, and helps ensure data security.

Testing on relevant, production-quality data is the only way to ensure comprehensive and efficient testing. However, data in DEV is often too stale to use for unit testing, resulting in changes promoted to QA with little or no testing. Waiting for the next refresh is not an option and trying to manually create data is not only time consuming, but complex data is difficulty to accurately recreate.

Gold Client Solutions provide data management capabilities that enhance testing and strategic process improvements. Designed to cancel out the need for workarounds, the software solution is built with the agility and flexibility to move configuration, master data, and specified selections of transactional data into testing environments.

GCS Console

SAP Teams can quickly select, secure and copy subsets of only relevant data from production or non-production sources to non-production targets. Any criteria can be used to identify data for replication. Using Gold Client Solutions, build the perfect test client and maintain relevant, up-to-date data for testing.

  • Dramatically reduce the time and effort to acquire test data
  • Reduce development and bug-fix cycles by providing current data in DEV
  • Provide relevant data for testing of new functional implementations, new processes, rollouts, enhancement package upgrades or support packs
  • Snap, Slice, Segment Copies of SAP Data

    Gold Client allows SAP users to quickly define and copy transactional data needed from a source, such as production, to non-production targets. Offering the greatest flexibility and ease for entering the data selection criteria, users are able to Snap, Slice or Segment data.

    • Data Snap is a very a quick method to pick a data type, enter simple data criteria such as a document number, and export data. Data Snap is ideal for troubleshooting data issues, for within minutes affected data can be in the QA system where the problem can be safely debugged.
    • Intelligent Slice provides a single screen interface to create a dynamic and comprehensive selection. Being able to easily incorporate many different data hierarchies or data elements such as date range, company code, sales org, lists of customer/vendors/materials, and so on, the data slice from a system is perfect for performing a refresh.
    • Scenario Segment allows for defining a specific set of data for use in a particular need, such as unit testing. A developer, for example, can quickly identify recent sales orders from production that have an open delivery status. The “in process” sales orders can be copied into a target, such as Sandbox or Development, for use in testing

    All selection criteria are reusable, extendable, and dynamic. Data that meets the selection criteria and all relative sub data is exported from the source and then imported to the target—replicated exactly as it resides in the source. Using our clear and clean export-import process, also allows an export to be used for multiple client imports, or even a quick reload of the data.

  • Secure, Transform and Purge Data

    Data Transform provides extensive and powerful data transformation in a clean and easy-to-use interface, making complex scrambling functionality as easy as point and click. Sensitive data can be scrambled or masked to preserve data security in potentially less secure systems.

    Standard transformation rules, delivered and ready to use straight out of the box, can be modified or copied as the base for a user’s new rule creation. The field level scrambling rules, which can be selected on the fly, transform or secure data at export—protecting sensitive data before it reaches the target system. Default rules can even be established and made mandatory allowing certain data to always be transformed at export.

    Transformation options include: Blank, Fixed Value, Random Number, Random Date, List, Derived, Reference and executing a Custom Function.

    Data Discard allows users to identify, select and delete data from non-production sources.

  • Automated Selection, Hands-Free Subsets

    Gold Client Data Wave brings automated data selection and hands-free test data refresh cycles, dramatically reducing the time and effort to acquire test data.

    Using our powerful Data Discovery technology, data used in your company’s standard business processes is automatically identified and targeted on your system. Data Wave automatically copies a limited volume of highly qualified data to the target, creating a data subset which can be reset as testing needs require. Flexible prebuilt events can be scheduled to automate the cycle of resetting the data subset and target client.

    Data Wave provides an automatic method to support test processes with real data and maintains efficient testing cycles on a recurring basis.


  • Independently Copy Select Data Subsets in BW

    Data Recast allows business data warehouse teams to quickly select and copy subsets of relevant data from Production or Non-Production sources to Non-Production targets.

    Selection criteria are saved as reusable and modifiable Scenarios, defining exactly what data is required. Data that meets the selection criteria and all relative data is exported from the source and then imported to the target, without any impact on post processing steps.

    With Data Recast, the BW team has the ability to maintain control over what data exists in their target clients, for process owners have the ability to control specific selections of Master and Transactional Data for replication to Development, QA, and Training clients. No longer will the BW team need to wait on other teams or rely on business or administration assistance, as they will be able to easily shift data per their requirements.