Gold Client

Innovations for SAP Database Management

Attunity Gold Client replication software for SAP reduces enterprise storage requirements, improves the quality and availability of test data, restores development integrity, and helps ensure data security.

Gold Client Solutions can facilitate the process and decision to adopt SAP HANA by enabling enterprises to easily select, protect and copy a reduced and relevant data set to SAP HANA for proof of concept (POC) evaluations.


Deployment Accelerator for SAP HANA allows SAP customers and partners to rapidly migrate secure data to SAP application running on the SAP HANA platform. Targeting specific data for key testing objectives to determine the value of the business case and justification is essential for successful SAP HANA POCs.

For organizations ready to adopt SAP HANA, Gold Client Solutions help enable a quick and secure migration and synchronization of data across SAP applications that are running on SAP HANA, in their data center or in the cloud.

Gold Client Solutions is certified for integration with the SAP ERP 6.0 application running on SAP HANA. The certification validates that the solution has passed SAP’s formalized testing process and been proven to integrate with the latest release of SAP ERP running on SAP HANA.