Attunity Connect

Seamless data connectivity

Use Attunity Connect for easy, seamless and standards-based access to your data across a wide range of relational and non-relational data sources.

Data Connectivity
Data Integration & Migration
Modernization Specifications
  • Mainframe and Legacy System Integration

    Having developed and optimized IBM mainframe systems for decades, enterprises are looking for ways to capitalize on these investments with the ability to reuse, repurpose, and integrate them in support of new business and IT initiatives.

    A leader in legacy integration software, Attunity provides a modular and comprehensive software suite that simplifies and accelerates integration with:

    • VSAM data
    • IMS/DB data
    • DB2 data
    • IMS/TM applications

    With Attunity, you can address a tactical project or provide a strategic solution that can fit many current and future integration initiatives:



    • Attunity facilitates gradual migration of both data and business logic. In addition, its universal and service-oriented integration simplifies the bi-directional integration of old and new.

    Attunity mainframe integration software has been successfully deployed by enterprises worldwide and is the choice of industry leaders such as Oracle. Such customers and partners use Attunity to accelerate integration projects, reduce risks, and lower cost of ownership.


  • Data Integration Use Cases and Solutions

    Attunity makes information availability a reality for organizations through its data integration solutions. Every Attunity product provides high-performance and easy-to-use, intuitive user interfaces.

    Customers use Attunity software to simplify and accelerate:

    • Direct data access (for BI, portals, etc.)
      • Provide direct access to your mainframe data via standard SQL or XML, supporting requirements such as on-line reporting and portal information access.
    • Integration with web applications
      • Whether extending a web interface to an existing application or building a new web application that requires access to mainframe resources, Attunity facilitates legacy to web projects in either Java or .NET.
    • Application Integration and BPM
      • Leverage out-of-the-box and certified adapters to simplify process automation and integration projects based on platforms such as Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Microsoft BizTalk Server.
    • Efficient data integration
      • With innovative change-data-capture (CDC) technology, Attunity provides an extremely efficient way to offload data from the mainframe and integrate it as part of ETL/data warehouse or data replication projects.
    • Data-driven business event detection
      • As transactional data volumes continue to expand at exponential rates, streaming just data changes and filtering them for the purpose of business event detection/capture, is becoming the bedrock of a new breed of event-driven business application.


    • Data Replication
      • Attunity products enable IT teams to load data to operational data warehouses, create copies of production databases for operational reporting, distribute data across data centers and the cloud, offload queries from operational systems to reduce load, and more.
    • Change Data Capture
      • Attunity Replicate loads data quickly and efficiently. Unlike other CDC products, Attunity drives the data change utilizing Attunity TurboStream CDC, a next-generation CDC technology, combined together with intelligent in-memory transaction streaming which significantly improves the performance of high-volume data delivery uniquely optimized for data warehouse targets.
    • Data Access
      • Attunity Connect enables IT teams to quickly integrate diverse data sources and offer business users real-time access to information.


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