Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon RDS

What is Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon RDS and Databases on Amazon EC2?

Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon RDS is a software solution which enables organizations to simplify and accelerate the loading of data and incremental changes across a variety of heterogeneous sources, Amazon RDS, and Databases on Amazon EC2.

With Attunity Replicate, one may also manage data replication from sources within Amazon (RDS and Databases on Amazon EC2) to Amazon Redshift, a separate Amazon RDS instance, and/or a variety of heterogeneous targets.  

Attunity Replicate provides enterprise-grade automation, security, monitoring, and performance optimizations. 

Common Use Cases:

  • Initial Ingest: heterogeneous sources to Amazon RDS
  • Incremental: data loading to Amazon RDS
  • Disaster Recovery:  Amazon RDS to Amazon RDS (Region-to-Region)
  • Amazon Redshift:  supplying data from RDS to Amazon Redshift

How it’s Offered:

  • Software Solution:  available for installation on-prem and/or on Amazon EC2
  • Pricing:  Term & Perpetual Licensing options available
  • Supported Sources:  Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and many others
ReplicateData Flow

Replicate Data Flow

Replicate Interface

Replicate Interface

Replicate Processes

Replicate Processes


  • Acceleration:  high performance data transfer
  • Guaranteed Delivery:  automatic recovery, security, auditing & reporting
  • Automation:  Real-time, scheduled, or on-demand tasks execution
  • Zero Foot-Print Architecture:  no need to install software on source / target machines
  • Interface:  Drag & Drop for easy configuration
  • Schema & DDL Replication
  • Transformations:  Flexible target database schema mapping and transformations
  • Content-Based Filtering


  • Quick & Easy Setup:  Click-to-Load in minutes
  • End-to-End:  Database to Redshift Loading / CDC
  • Acceleration:  Best-in-Class transfer speeds & guaranteed delivery
  • Easy-to-Use:  Can be setup in minutes
  • Automation:  Intuitive Administration & Scheduling
  • Data Integrity:  Assured by way of check-mechanisms
  • Monitoring:  for peace-of-mind, control, and audit
  • Security:  Industry-standard SSL encryption
  • Affordable:  Term based licensing